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How To Buy Gold Nuggets in Uganda
Interested genuine buyer is required to contact us on the address described in our contact section.

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How Do We Work?

How Do We Work? We deal with the indigenous mining population and local gold miners and traders from  East and Central Africa, they supply us with scrap gold in dust form we purify it then trade in it to the global market. OUR MISSION Give customers the highest quality compelling service delivered with a sense […]

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How To Buy Gold in Uganda

Buy Gold in Uganda

Monson Global Company Limited only sells 100% natural gold, straight out of the ground, just the way mother nature created it. Our product undergoes several purifying procedure for quality assurance.

Trustworthy Dealings

We try our best to be accessible, and promptly answer emails and phone calls as soon as possible, also do our very best to get all orders shipped to the buyer’s final destination within the shortest time available.

How to Buy Gold in Uganda

    • Prospective buyers with interest to buy our product, foreigner or local buyer is required to come to our Head Offices in Uganda Kampala on the address described in our contact section to meet and negotiate with the seller.
    • The buyer is free to test the gold using their own testing equipments either our own in-house quality testing equipments to know the purity of gold they intend to buy.
    • ​Seller and buyer negotiate costs and logistic matters on how the buyer would prefer to  transport the product from Uganda to his or her destination upon agreeing with each other contracts signed process of delivering the product to the buyer’s final destination starts with clear detailed paperwork.
    • In case of a busy buyer especially foreign clients who may not find time to visit us here in Uganda, may send representatives to come meet us view, verify and test the product with their own testing tools if they wish or facilitate our Agent with the required fee to deliver a trial shipment to their destination on our behalf to test and know the purity of our product and also to finalise discussions related to purchasing gold from Monson Global Company Limited.
    • Payment of our product is done after we have delivered the product to the buyer’s final destination and after assay in their reputable refinery. This ensures a trustworthy relationship between seller and buyer.

For more information on how to buy gold in Uganda, contact us here.

Monson Global Company Limited

Gold Sourcing Agents and End Sellers

Monson Global Company Limited (MGCL) operates a large-scale gold sourcing project with established links to substantial high-grade mineral reserves and integrated metallurgical operations in the East and Central Africa. We also source and buy raw gold from local miners or communities from our region get it proceed to be resold to the international gold market.

Who We Are and What We Do

Monson Global Company Limited (MGCL) is a legalised gold trading company, head offices in Uganda Kampala and field operations in Central Africa. We have been in the business of sourcing and linking AU gold buyers to sellers for over 5 years.

Monson Global Company Limited only sells 100% natural gold, straight out of the ground, just the way mother nature created it. We try our hardest to provide high quality gold minerals by making sure we purify it before we sale it to our clients, this has helped us keep a good reputation in the market.

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