About Monson Global Company Limited

About Monson Global Company Limited

Mandated Agents and Legalised Gold End Sellers

Monson Global Company Limited (MGCL) we are regional partners of local miners and communities from East and Central Africa, these miners supply us with their raw mineral product, we purify it to be sold to the international World market.

Monson Global Company Limited only sells 100% pure gold, straight out of the ground, just the way mother nature created it. We try our hardest to provide pure high quality product by making sure we remove all impurities out of product by using modernised approved methods.

For detailed information on our operations see the article – How to Buy Gold in Uganda.


We are extremely proud to be in partnership with local miners and mining communities for a long period of time who entrust us with their raw gold, we purify it to the recommended standards using our modernised methods and put it on the World market. 
Partnerships help Monson Global Company Limited confirm to legal practices and regulations, quality standards and wider market for sourcing and supply activities.

Target Markets for MGC

Our partnership with different Africa, Middle East, American, Asian and other related Gold final users, Organisations and Institutions Worldwide, whose adjacent concessions had previously been part of the same mining complex, has consolidated our ability to source for supply of high quality gold in the region.

Business Address

Our field operations are in East and Central Africa, head office located in Uganda – Kampala, we seal all deals concerning shipping procedures and purifying of the product availing it to the international market from our premises in Uganda Kampala.