Gold Nugget (Au)

Uganda Gold Mining

How To Buy Gold Nuggets in Uganda

    • An interested buyer in our minerals , foreigner or local buyer, is required to come to our Head Offices on the address described in our contact section.
    • Here the buyer will be shown prof of product as he or she may desire.
    • At the Head offices different forms, e.g : Logistic forms, and other logistic matters on how the client would prefer to  transport the mineral from Uganda to his or her country, are also discussed and agreements made, with clear detailed paperwork.
    • In case of a busy client especially foreign clients, he or she may facilitate MGC clearing agent with a return air ticket, visa fees, accommodation, and other related charges, for our representative who will fly to his/her country on our behalf to discuss all the different procedures and conditions related to purchasing our au gold, however this money is subjected for deduction from the final pay of the product.
  • Payment of our product is done after we have delivered the consignment to the buyer’s final destination and after refinery in the buyer’s refinery. This ensures a trustworthy relationship between us and our clients.