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Video: Gold Density, Weight and Purity Measurement

This Video recording shows a digitized water density machine used by Monson Global Company Limited to measure gold purity, weight and density.

Gold Products on Display in our Ugandan Office

Gold Mineral Uganda, DRC

Gold Dore Bars, Gold Nuggets and Gold Dust Products at Monson Global Company Limited

Commodity: Gold, Au

​Form : Dore Bars, Nuggets, Dust

​Purity: Minimum 98.8 %( 22 carats)

​Quantity: (320×1) minimum kilograms (320 kg for 12 months)

​Duration: 12 months with rolls & extensions

​Price: $ 30, 000 USD per kg.

​Delivery: F.O.B / C.I.F

​Payment: F.O.B / C.I.F

​Packaging: Boxes suitable for air freight