Monson Global Company Limited

Monson Global Company Ltd (MGC) is a Ugandan-based company fully registered and licensed pioneering in a wide range of African minerals specializing in Gold and Diamond on the continent as well as serving the mining industry in Uganda. MGC markets its products directly through a worldwide network of well trained distributors and agents, this assures prompt delivery and a high level of customer care service.

As Gold Sellers
Monson Global Company Limited has established strong business relationships working closely with local mineral dealers from Uganda and DR Congo to avail their mineral product to the international market. We get more verified, prominent gold mineral sellers on a daily basis and connect them to international gold buyers.

As Gold Buyers
Monson Global Company Limited has a large pool of prospective international gold mineral buyers that you can tap into and get the best price to sell your gold products.

Our business is to therefore is to deal with prospective gold customers around the World.

Why Choose Monson Global Company Limited for your Gold dealings?

  • Experience – Monson Global Company Limited has a long track record in the business of dealing with indigenous gold miners/sellers to genuine gold buyers.
  • Large database and network of contacts with a special focus on the mineral gold – we have established a database of supplier sources who can supply pure and refined gold. Over the years, we have specifically established relationship with buyers from all over the World and we are always on the lookout to creating new markets in some other economic zones.
  • Our source team is a highly successful group with extensive expertise in building strategic relationships and partnerships concerning exploration, corporate finance, mine development and operations in the region.
  • Licenced and legally mandated gold dealers in Uganda – we are mandated agents, which means we readily establish long term business relationship with buyers around the World under the legal sanction of the mineral laws of Uganda.
  • The best rates and pricing – Gold buyers from all parts of the world have successfully traded with us at the best market rates.
  • Quality Assurance – We are one of the leading AU gold selling companies in East Africa with the best quality, value with purity ranging from 96.6% and above.
  • Our mining specialists and local miners have stable sources and reserves to supply and are very particular of establishing long-term business relationship with the buyers from all parts of the World.
  • We sell AU gold worldwide thus making Monson Global Company LTD the one stop company to buy your gold, and other minerals.
  • Shipping of Gold – We are the only company in the region with ability to do CIF to the buyer’s final destination.
  • Honesty, Transparency and Integrity – In view of frequent fraud in mineral dealings including gold in Africa, Monson Global Company Limited upholds the principles of trust, honesty, transparency and integrity in all dealings with our gold clients. We don’t levy unnecessary charges and customers typically pay for products on delivery. Furthermore, all products are subjected to independent quality assessment to verify our claims.

How Do We Work?

We deal with the indigenous mining population and local Au gold miners and traders from DR Congo and Uganda. The Au gold is usually in form of Au gold dust, Au gold nuggets and Dore bars.

We advice to our clients on quality they can invest their money depending on the quantity they are able to invest. Those that are interested in investing in Au gold can contact us for business using our contact information. Write to us what you exactly want and we shall be very grateful to offer our services to you.
Remember Gold is the Real Money!!
Also if you’re a prospector, or just have Au gold in any form that you are interested in selling, we can help you get market, either if you wouldn’t like to sell your Au gold and want to smelt it we can also smelt it at the lowest rates and evaluate your gold and offer you the best possible price


Incase of any offer from anybody claiming to be coming from Monson Global Company LTD, please confirm the originality and validity of the offer by sending email to , Cell or WhatsApp Us on +256758755661.